Meet Cameron & co

Coming all the way from New Zealand. Cameron is possibly NZs biggest biggest Breakfast Shirts supporter and is constantly slinging a Breakfast Shirt when he goes out to Breakfast or just out and about. He has even started getting his mates involved in the Breakfast Shirt way of life. The boys went to Wellington to enjoy a breakky at Enigma. We will be checking this joint out when we do a Breakfast world tour. We will also e taking the boys to Breakfast when we head over.

Thanks Legends. Love your work



Babes who Breakfast #2

Brooke gets around a Breakfast outing at least twice a week. Here she is rocking her favourite Breakfast Shirt being the Crater edition at a Cafe in Kiama called Wild Patch. We love to see the people of Australia getting behind the appropriate Breakfast fashion. Thanks for the upload and for sending this in Brooke!

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Brookes Instagram


Babes who Breakfast #1

Kaily sent these through from her Breakfast at Lox, Stock and Barrel in Bondi (quite close to Bondi Beach). Kaily is a Breakfast Shirts advocate and loves a good Breakfast out. We are not sure what she ordered here but it looks delicious. We have had some solid reviews from this joint so go check it out!

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Lox Stock and Barrel website

Kailys Instagram

Meet Sam & Crotti

We had a few recommendations to check out LABLD in Marrickville, (arguably the heart of breakfast joints in the inner-west). We were not disappointed. The variety on the breakfast menu was wide and fabulous. The quality of the food was great and the coffee was excellent, so much so we had three each.

Definitely worth checking out, we saw lots of dogs at the cafe too which obviously gave LABLD extra brownie points.

Check out their facebook page here

Meet Harrison & David

The Boys are both new to the Breakfast Shirts community but they pull off a Breakfast Shirt fantastically. Being from 'the Hills' They were very impressed by the high calibre of cafe I introduced them to. They also rocked up an hour late and blamed the timing of the world cup games. 

The boys are both studying at MCQ UNI and half way through their degrees. This was the first time we met and I'd be happy to label these boys as face of Breakfast Shirts in the Hills District. #represent

I took them to a favourite of ours - Piccolo's in Rozelle - They have a killer menu and do a killer coffee.


Meet Jimmy & Braino

Today they sported the a new Breakfast Shirt sample. Sunflowers. Tell us what you think. The boys are both proud owners of Avo Breakfast Shirts and have been a fan of Breakfast Shirts from the early days.

Jimmy would like to note that he prides himself on being candid, as seen in the video.

We went to MarketLane Cafe in Manly and ordered the mixed breakfast place and added mushroom. It's a solid meal and are chuffed to branch out from the inner west to manly in our hot spots.

Meet Mitch

Mitch is the #301st Person to own a Breakfast Shirts combo, putting himself in the top 500 (incase you couldn't figure that out yourself).

Mitch is a Legend. 21 years on earth, Half way through his Chiro Degree at MCQ UNI and heads off on a contiki trip with the boys next week. He is also a tap dancer, We will definitely be looking at having him and his crew in some upcoming Breakfast Shirts videos!

We went to a regular of ours (mainly sams) called 'The Ugly Cook' in the shire (sylvania) I'm not sure exactly where the name came from but it would make sense it was named after sam as he is quite the frequent flyer at this cafe. They do a great Avo on toast and Halloumi Stack. 


Meet Me.  (watch the video here)

I fucked up. I forgot to book someone in for their free Breakfast. So I made the most of my mistake and took myself out for Breakfast.

I went to a regular of mine - Lemonia Cafe on Booth Street in Annandale. I ordered the Royale Roll. It's messy as (you will see in the video) but it's worth it.

If you own a Breakfast Shirt and haven't let us shout you Breakfast yet (in Sydney) then email us at breakfast@breakfastshirts.com and we can book you in.

Meet Luke Smith  (watch the video here)

Chances are, you know this face. If you don't then get familiar with this beautiful man. Luke Smith is the official poster boy for Breakfast Shirts and was the first person after Sam and myself to start his own 'Breakfast Shirt' collection. For many years the three of us would Breakfast together in Breakfast Shirts.Luke Smith also goes by the stage name 'ANSEO' and is a rising singer-songwriter based out of Sydney. ANSEO just released his debut EP 'Save me Katie' which is available on soundcloud. To check out his music, head to www.anseomusic.com

We went to 'Unwritten Bookshop Cafe' in Boronia Park which has some fantastic Breakfast options. We ordered the Breakfast Brunch and the 'Surry Hills'.

Meet Ben & Ollie  (watch the video here)

Ben and Ollie are relatively new to Breakfast Shirts, owning Breakfast Shirt combo numbers #241 and #242 just making it into the top 250 people to own a Breakfast Shirts combo. They rocked up in the full combo today and I couldn't have been prouder. The boys explained that its been difficult lifestyle change ever since they started wearing Breakfast Shirts. The compliments are endless, as they again witnessed at Breakfast. A cheeky breakfast ended up being a 2-3 hour banter session with topics including (but not limited to): Pingas, Toxoplasmosis, Stabbings, Vegan + Almond Milk Coffee, Near Death Experiences, Cousins.

 The only other thing that needs be mentioned is that Ben is a Vegan. We went to 'Cav & Co' in Gladesville. It's a New cafe and has come onto the breakfast scene strong, its soon becoming a frequent of mine. We all ordered the 'Smashed Cavacodo'. 

Meet Dean (watch the video here)

I got to Say, Dean is a fucking legend. He Drove all the way down from the central coast for our Breakfast. Dean was the 206th person to own a Breakfast Shirts Combo (Black Avo) which he proudly wore this morning. Dean is into his motorbikes, surfing and music, an absolute chiller. He also competes in the Dirt Biking Scene. The most exciting thing about Dean is that he will be the FIRST PERSON TO GET A BREAKFAST SHIRTS TATTOO. This is currently being organised and we will be sure to let the greater Breakfast Shirts community know when it happens.

Today we went to 'Dues Bar' in camperdown. It's a cool place with an even cooler shop next door filled with motor bikes. We ordered Bacon and egg rolls and Dean smashed an apple juice that looked like a cocktail. #champion

Meet Anneliese - @Annelieseball. (watch the video here)

Anneliese has been around the Breakfast Shirt scene since the early days (3 months ago) and owns an Avo Breakfast Shirt and is holding out for the new cloud design. She has extensive knowledge of the Breakfast Scene in the Central Coast of Sydney and is a Fantastic orderer.

Today we went to 'The boy and the Rose' right behind North Avocado beach. Sorry, North Avoca Beach. We ordered a classic Bacon and egg roll with avocado which is a go to for the locals. Can recommend highly. One of the best summer cafes if you wanted to go for a dip in the ocean post Breakfast. 

Meet Patrick Rohl. (watch the video here)

Patrick is very new to the Breakfast Shirts community and owns an Avocado Breakfast Shirt but wanted to rep our hungry monkey Breakfast Shirt sample. Pat is a cinematographer and Founder of a production company based in Sydney called 'yeahsure'. You can check out their work at  www.yeahsure.co. He is a well travelled man with ample Sydney Coffee suggestions.

Today we went to 'Clover' on Booth street in Annandale. We are not going to lie you have to know what to order to make the most out of this joint. After years of loyal service we got some custom breakfasts (let us know if you need the order). We finished it off with a half mango half banana smoothie which went down a treat.

Meet ALI. (watch the video here)

Ali is one of Sydneys best Stylists who has worked at the likes of Instyle, Marie Clare and SBS. Ali is a big Breakfast Shirts fan and got in touch with us about working on Breakfast Shirts first Look Book (coming soon). For Ali's website: www.alicarey.com 

I took Ali to THE WEDGE in Glebe. This place is all time. I cant remember what Ali ordered but I got smashed avo with chorizo and it was off the charts. Another mean meal to get from here is the pancakes, they are healthy-ish and delicious. Ali pre-ordered a cloud Breakfast Shirt, These will be available for purchase from our shop page in the coming months, keep an eye out.

Meet ANYA.

Anya is a Recent addition to the Breakfast Shirts community and is pretty chuffed with her Lemon Breakfast Shirt.

I took Anya to SHUK in Bondi which has great Breakfast and overall a solid possibly under rated menu. I ordered the Big Breakfast (it's called something else) and Anya ordered a Large Bowl of Poppy Seeds with a Breakfast Sandwich. Anya had some qualms with the Poppy Seeds getting caught in her teeth and seemed to blame me for the problem CLICK HERE to watch the video.


Meet Matt (@mattpirro23)

Matt was an early adopter of a Breakfast Shirt and is now reaping the benefits. At first he was unsure if his arms would fit the cut of the Breakfast Shirts - Thank the gods that Breakfast Shirts have some give and can accomodate for massive traps/biceps.

Matt runs a business that sells custom ties www.inherentlyme.com - I took Matt to 'Boss Lady' at camperdown which is a shoebox sized cafe which pumps out some of Sydneys finest Breakfasts. We both ordered 'Nancy Boy' and it was fucking delicious. You can watch the thrilling video documentation of the experience if you click the image or be clicking here.

Meet James (aka, @deileyman or @ave.pes).

James owns a Strawbz Breakfast Shirt and yes he pulls it off like it ain't nothing. James Is a Singer- Songwriter based in Sydney who is known to rock up to Breakfast very hungover. Click here to see the video of the Breakfast.

We went to 'The Dachshund' in Hunters Hill and I ordered on behalf of my fellow Breakfast companion as he was not in a state to order well. We got the*whippet (formally known as the *reformed avocado) with an extra egg. James was impressed with the meal but was not in the state to finish it. Highly recommend dropping by for Breakfast here. 

Meet Simon.

Sim was an early adopter of Breakfast Shirts and rocks both the Strawbz and Avo Breakfast Shirts Combos. He was the #55th person to own a Breakfast Shirt. Simon owns and runs an epic Video producing company called craterCrater makes some pretty incredible content.

We went to 'The Depot' in North Bondi and smashed the 'Smashed avo' with Bacon + Feta. This joint is packed 24/7 but worth the wait. Click here to see the Breakfast with Simon and Crotti and more importantly see Simon stall his bike (LOL). 


Ali. B owns all available Breakfast Shirts. He was an early adopter with two of his combos being within the first 100 sold (#19 + #97). Ali works in property finance with the big boys in the city. He also use to be Sydneys hottest DJ playing at the now closed Igua Bar.

I took Ali to Traflager Street Espresso in Camperdown and he was not disappointed. Although he was not in a state to eat a proper Breakfast he smashed a Brownie and told me it was the top 6 best brownies he had ever had in his life. He also mentioned the Coffee was fantastic (can confirm). This Cafe is a Regular for me and I'm convinced it does the best Avo on Toast in Australia. To see a brief underwhelming video of our Breakfast CLICK HERE. 

Meet Dan.

Not the First time we have taken a fellow breakfast shirts owner to the depot at north bondi. they do great coffee asnd great solid breakfast.

Dan usually rocks a medium in his day to day life. Although when it comes to Breakfast Shirts and Breakfast, He likes to wear a looser fitting Breakfast Shirt, so he got himself a Black Sunflower Breakfast Shirt.


Meet Dr. Ryan,

Dr Ryan is a long time Breakfast Shirts advocate and is seen here sporting his White Avocado Breakfast Shirt. Ryan was the 10th person to own a Breakfast Shirt (Combo) and is amongst the handful of people who owns a set of all the current designs.

The Cafe we went to is called 'Where the Monster Sat' and is located in the heart of the inner west in Sydney. Under my guidance and extensive knowledge of cafes in the local area, I advised Dr Ryan to order the 'Monster Breakfast' and his was not disappointed. Click here to see a very brief video of the experience.