Crotti reckons he's a 'Fashion Icon' but I reckon he is a FLOG.

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If you know Crotti. You'll know he can talk some absolute rubbish (Although I must admit he backs it up 9/10). Top of his 'Shit Talking' Topics is him placing himself as a front runner in the fashion game and specifically 'Trend Setting'.

Some fashion 'feats' he claims he is responsible for:

2010- Making Tall Ugg boots appropriate footwear in Public (although I'm yet to see anyone else do this - #trendsetter #nomate)

2011 - Bringing Back Vests to Mainstream Culture 

2012 - Breakfast Shirts 

2014 - Black on Black (you are a fucking goose)

2017 - Turtle Necks

2018 - Grandpa Sunglass holders

As we have recently hit some colder weeks in Sydney he is now under the notion that he has introduced some 'unseen' fashion combinations with Breakfast Shirts and has labeled the style guide as 'Winter Breakfast Fashion'. He sent through these pictures stating 'I'm a fashion Icon' and told me to 'take notes'. See attached message screen shots. I spoke with him later and asked what other combinations will be in the style guide as the pictures he sent seemed to be him in the exact same outfit. He informed me it was a WIP and that 'good fashion takes time'. 

crotti grandpa sunglass holders he is the worlds biggest flog