Self described 'influencer' with 1,046 followers reckons they should get a free Breakfast Shirt #NEED

This week has seen yet another entrepreneur/influencer reach out and request a ‘collaboration’ in exchange for a Breakfast Shirt.

 Flattery meets confusion when we see a thriving metropolis of #NEED hashtags left on our Breakfast Shirt images (NEED: verb, 1.1  'require (something) because it is essential or very important rather than just desirable') but are shocked to see a limited number of people actually did in fact #need a Breakfast Shirt. After some dedicated research into the #need hashtag we found out that it's common practice of 'Influencers' who would like product for free but due to their around the clock 'Entrepreneur' lifestyle they simply do not have enough time to send us an email or a DM.

We can't all own a Breakfast Shirt ladies and gentleman. Only those of us with conviction.

On a serious note, we'd love to collaborate! we are looking for people who are genuinely into what we do and what we are about. #breakfastshirts #need



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