Breakfast Shirts announces International Luke Smith Awareness Day


We think Luke Smiths are pretty special and hard to come by so after much deliberation we have decided to make March 27th (TODAY) the 'International Breakfast Shirts Luke Smith Awareness Day'.

Our Luke Smith was the third person in the world to use the term a 'Breakfast Shirt' and has been Breakfast Shirts poster boy ever since launch. He is an amazing guy with a fantastic attitude with a BIG heart. 

This year, we are honouring 'International Breakfast Shirts Luke Smith Awareness Day' by simply putting on display the best Breakfast Shirts Luke Smith photos. We are only using shots that really encapsulate Luke Smith and the Beautiful Man he is. Next year to celebrate 1 year we will plan something big, maybe a Calendar Shoot or a Party. Suggestions Welcome.

If you know another Luke Smith, Hit us up.

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