Local Man Spends 34 minutes Deciphering Parking Sign on King Street, Newtown.

Breakfast Shirts Newtown Sydney Parking

Perhaps to a foreigner, this man would appear void of any intelligence but to Sydney locals it's quite a familiar sight. Last week a Newtown bystander caught a man struggling to decipher an overly complex street sign on the infamous king street, Newtown. The Sydney parker had to dig deep to figure out what day, time and if it was school holiday season or not on the spot. The lack of other parked cars in what he thought was a 'good to go' zone only made matters worse. The whole ordeal was luckily caught on tape and the following is a 34 minute full length video of the regular occurrence:


Breakfast Shirts Founders expresses sympathy to the man and would like to offer a free Breakfast Combo if he is ever located. Breakfast Shirts would also like to the local governing council to 'get their shit together' and rework the system get some lights happening bruh.