Missing Person Alerts for Breakfast Shirts Founders 'Mates' Yet to Buy Breakfast Shirts. Assumed Dead.

Breakfast Shirts Friends

In what has been an exciting 6 weeks for both Breakfast Shirts Founders Sam & Crotti, there has been one tough pill to swallow amid all the Breakfast business . It appears that some close friends of the Founders are either missing or still yet to get behind the boys and purchase a Breakfast Shirt. In the 6 weeks from launch the boys have sold 98 combos alone and are disappointed that almost everyone on the below list won’t make it to the top 100 and be a part of Breakfast Shirts history.

Special mention to Christophe Adolphe who has been around the boys for 13+ years and is yet to buy an Avocado set for himself instead stating ' You guys should do a coconut one'. #fucker


The list of offenders is as Follows (In Order of Disappointment):

1. Christophe Adolphe 

2.  Bill

3. Declan Piccone ('I wouldn't pull it off') LOL

4. Maddy Wilson (c'mon m8)

5. Jack Perkins

6. Paige. M

7. Gobbers

8. Matt Hulme

9. Abbey. M

10. Adrian Osman 

11. Nate Ryan (BELL END)

12. Sam Drummond

13. Todd Nosti

14. Mikey Pembroke

15. Pi. Langford

16. Nath + Jimmy

17. Daniel Roach

18. Reece Moon

In light of these 'sick mates' we have set up a  15% discount for them: