Breakfast Shirts Founders Buy A Horse for 'Staff Morale'

Breakfast Shirts Founders buy Horse.jpg

A. The Breakfast Shirts Team were having a 'Laxin' afternoon by the pool at Jamberoo last week, when an unexpected visitor dropped in on the ‘action’. 

“Is that” Sam said, instantly dropping his sass.

Indeed it was. The boys looked at each other, perplexed. Thank God there happened to be a professional photographer passing by.

In addition to this, the horse had his own Mexican companion riding on his back. Boston, the Long-haired Mexican Chihuahua was wrangling the horse with his bare paws. It was believed that the Mexican was on his way 'across the border' with a backpack full of narcotics for trade. 

Regardless of this insane (and highly illegal) circumstance, both Sam and Mark agreed that having an Equus Caballus on the Breakfast Shirts team is completely necessary and fundamental to productivity and staff morale. 

In other news, the Breakfast Shirt Avocado print will be available for purchase next week. Drop us a line at to save yourself a set. And no, we will not sell you the Mexican’s narcotics.