Breakfast Shirts Founders Girlfriend Mildly disgusted with Both Breakfast Shirts Founders Grammar on Blog Posts.

Maddy Wilson Breakfast Shirts

Maddy Wilson has expressed some 'passive aggressive' behaviour coupled with high levels of sass after viewing a recent blog post by the Breakfast Shirt Founders. 


Apparently our lack of Grammar and poor sentence structure could be the 'end of Breakfast Shirts as we know it' Wilson infers. In the past when asked if she would like to contribute to the 'lost cause' of grammar on the page the responses have always been somewhat elusive. See the most recent evidence file BS0001:





There's no doubt about it. Maddy has been a long time Breakfast Connoisseur and has been active in the Breakfast Shirts community. She even started an Inner-West Instagram page dedicated to Breakfasting in the region (@innerwestbreakfast). Since it's launch over 8 months ago she has totalled a staggering 74 followers and although the page hasn't seen an upload since March 11th - I'm sure the next one will be fantastic.