Average Males Tinder Sees A 234% Rise Since the Introduction Of A Breakfast Shirts Profile Pic.

luke smith breakfast shirts tinder.PNG

Meet Luke Smith. Luke was having a very poor batting average when it came to his tinder game and getting matches. Over the course of 6 months and after swiping YES to 14,085 ladies from Sydney, he only came back with 3 matches: Anishaa, Samaira and Bhavya. 

After changing his profile picture to him wearing a Breakfast Shirts Combo, his tinder game increased tenfold. One girl even messaged him first.

You see when a woman sees a man rock a Breakfast Shirt , Certain qualities are projected within the man. These include: 

  • Banter

  • Charm

  • Risk Taker

  • Strength 

  • Happiness 

  • Love

  • Equality 

  • Sex

  • Mojo

  • Breakfast

  • Puppies

  • SEO

If you would like to Tee up a date with Luke Smith (or know someone who would) please email Sam at sam@breakfastshirts.com