Our mate Dr. Fielding turns out to be the most difficult Breakfast Shirts customer to date.

Dr James fielding Breakfast Shirts Audeara

Dr. Fieldling Thinking about what size he needs to order 

Dr. Fielding was the 15th person to order a Breakfast Combo 2 weeks back. Making the top 20 would be on the bucket list for most Breakfast connoisseurs and normally the fairy tale Breakfast Shirts purchase would finish there. Not for Dr. Fielding.

Recently it came to our attention that James at Audeara may be in need of a gym membership, plus a protein shake or two. A true genius in the medical, tech and Entrepreneurial fields however not so great when it comes to picking the right size for his Breakfast Shirt.  

We aren't going to lie, we fucked up first, and by 'we' I mean Sam. James was meant to receive a M Breakfast Combo but instead received the medium shorts with and XL shirt. To make matters more difficult, Dr. Fielding's shipping address was either entered incorrectly (by the dr.) or he lives in f@!king Narnia - as it took our delivery guy 4 extra says to locate the Docs Habitat.

Once the appropriate size was sent to Dr. Fielding, he then decided the pants were 'not the right fit'. So we sent him a smaller size. A week later he changed is mind about the Medium shirt too, and we have now shipped a small shirt to the Doctor.

For f#*ks sake.

The Audeara team are doing great things in the Headphone + Medical Industry and are definitely worth checking out. Breakfast Shirts would like to thank the team at Audeara for the support, we love your work.

Check out their website here:

Audeara Website