Greg Stanford Beats Ryan O'Keefe to 9th Place

Greg Stanford Breakfast Shirts .png

In what has been the biggest upset in Breakfast Shirts History and more specifically in the world of Ryan O'Keefe, Greg Stanford has come through with a world first. Beating Ryan at something. 

According to O'Keefe, he has never lost anything in his life, not even once. Sports, Board Games, Trivia - you name it. Not once.

He was quite Distraught when he found out that Greg had snapped up 9th place on the Breakfast Shirts Leaderboard placing Ryan at a measly #10.

Our Delivery Man mentioned that when he delivered both Ryan and Gregs Parcels to Ryan, Ryan was contemplating manipulating the cards and putting his name ahead of Standfords.

Greg on the Matter:

'I have no doubt he would'

'Stoked to be ahead of Ryan' 

Breakfast Shirts would like to congratulate both parties on making history and being in the top 10 people to own a Breakfast Shirt. Thanks Boys!