Sam upset he can't pull off a winter Breakfast look and takes it out on Crotti

Sam upset he can't pull off a winter Breakfast look and takes it out on Crotti

Sam wouldn't see winter breakfast fashion if it hit him in his little face.

If you saw the last Blog post you would have seen Sam have a dig at me for my Breakfast Winter Fashion campaign. Upon reading his blog it became clear he is just not happy with his own winter breakfast fashion game (see picture to the left) and is jealous of the combinations and accessories I'm pulling off. Daily.

Breakfast Shirts Accountant gives the all clear on all Breakfasts being a tax write off.

Luke Smith Sam Tynan Breakfast Shirt Shirts annandale

Breakfast Shirts founders Sam & Crotti were over the moon to hear from their trusted accountant (and the non offical face of Breakfast Shirts) Luke Smith, that all future Breakfast Dining activities will be a complete tax write off.

Sam was happy to hear the good news but also worried stating 'Crotti doesn't need any more excuses to eat out at Breakfast'. It Seems that his Dream of having smashed avocado 7 days a week (as oppose to 5) for Crotti is finally a reality. 

In other News, Lemon Breakfast Shirts are in stock and they are flying off the shelves. Get them here:


Missing Person Alerts for Breakfast Shirts Founders 'Mates' Yet to Buy Breakfast Shirts. Assumed Dead.

Breakfast Shirts Friends

In what has been an exciting 6 weeks for both Breakfast Shirts Founders Sam & Crotti, there has been one tough pill to swallow amid all the Breakfast business . It appears that some close friends of the Founders are either missing or still yet to get behind the boys and purchase a Breakfast Shirt. In the 6 weeks from launch the boys have sold 98 combos alone and are disappointed that almost everyone on the below list won’t make it to the top 100 and be a part of Breakfast Shirts history.

Special mention to Christophe Adolphe who has been around the boys for 13+ years and is yet to buy an Avocado set for himself instead stating ' You guys should do a coconut one'. #fucker


The list of offenders is as Follows (In Order of Disappointment):

1. Christophe Adolphe 

2.  Bill

3. Declan Piccone ('I wouldn't pull it off') LOL

4. Maddy Wilson (c'mon m8)

5. Jack Perkins

6. Paige. M

7. Gobbers

8. Matt Hulme

9. Abbey. M

10. Adrian Osman 

11. Nate Ryan (BELL END)

12. Sam Drummond

13. Todd Nosti

14. Mikey Pembroke

15. Pi. Langford

16. Nath + Jimmy

17. Daniel Roach

18. Reece Moon

In light of these 'sick mates' we have set up a  15% discount for them:



Local Man Spends 34 minutes Deciphering Parking Sign on King Street, Newtown.

Breakfast Shirts Newtown Sydney Parking

Perhaps to a foreigner, this man would appear void of any intelligence but to Sydney locals it's quite a familiar sight. Last week a Newtown bystander caught a man struggling to decipher an overly complex street sign on the infamous king street, Newtown. The Sydney parker had to dig deep to figure out what day, time and if it was school holiday season or not on the spot. The lack of other parked cars in what he thought was a 'good to go' zone only made matters worse. The whole ordeal was luckily caught on tape and the following is a 34 minute full length video of the regular occurrence:


Breakfast Shirts Founders expresses sympathy to the man and would like to offer a free Breakfast Combo if he is ever located. Breakfast Shirts would also like to the local governing council to 'get their shit together' and rework the system get some lights happening bruh.


Breakfast Shirts Founders Buy A Horse for 'Staff Morale'

Breakfast Shirts Founders buy Horse.jpg

A. The Breakfast Shirts Team were having a 'Laxin' afternoon by the pool at Jamberoo last week, when an unexpected visitor dropped in on the ‘action’. 

“Is that” Sam said, instantly dropping his sass.

Indeed it was. The boys looked at each other, perplexed. Thank God there happened to be a professional photographer passing by.

In addition to this, the horse had his own Mexican companion riding on his back. Boston, the Long-haired Mexican Chihuahua was wrangling the horse with his bare paws. It was believed that the Mexican was on his way 'across the border' with a backpack full of narcotics for trade. 

Regardless of this insane (and highly illegal) circumstance, both Sam and Mark agreed that having an Equus Caballus on the Breakfast Shirts team is completely necessary and fundamental to productivity and staff morale. 

In other news, the Breakfast Shirt Avocado print will be available for purchase next week. Drop us a line at to save yourself a set. And no, we will not sell you the Mexican’s narcotics.


Breakfast Shirts offer 'Entrepreneur' Discount to Jack Perkins and any other serial 'Entrepreneurs'

jack perkins hero 2.jpg

If you keep up tp date in the 'Entrepreneur' Space then you have probably heard of Richard Branson, Gary V and Jack Perkins.

Jack Perkins has been an 'Entrepreneur' ever since he was a youngster and has been prolific in the 'Entrepreneur' space ever since.

His most successful Entrepreneurial pursuits include (but are not limited to):

  • Entrepreneurial Pursuits

  • Business

  • Businesses

  • Taking care of Business

  • Mentoring/Life Coaching

  • Telling other Entrepreneurs how to be Entrepreneurs.

  • Networking

  • Raising Capital

  • Pyramid Schemes  

In recognition of Jacks Entrepreneurial Pursuits, Breakfast Shirts has arranged a Entrepreneurial only Promo Code for Jack and any other like minded Entrepreneurs. 


In all seriousness, Jack and Alex are ACTUALLY getting shit done, check out their business here:


Breakfast Shirts Founders Girlfriend Mildly disgusted with Both Breakfast Shirts Founders Grammar on Blog Posts.

Maddy Wilson Breakfast Shirts

Maddy Wilson has expressed some 'passive aggressive' behaviour coupled with high levels of sass after viewing a recent blog post by the Breakfast Shirt Founders. 


Apparently our lack of Grammar and poor sentence structure could be the 'end of Breakfast Shirts as we know it' Wilson infers. In the past when asked if she would like to contribute to the 'lost cause' of grammar on the page the responses have always been somewhat elusive. See the most recent evidence file BS0001:





There's no doubt about it. Maddy has been a long time Breakfast Connoisseur and has been active in the Breakfast Shirts community. She even started an Inner-West Instagram page dedicated to Breakfasting in the region (@innerwestbreakfast). Since it's launch over 8 months ago she has totalled a staggering 74 followers and although the page hasn't seen an upload since March 11th - I'm sure the next one will be fantastic.



Average Males Tinder Sees A 234% Rise Since the Introduction Of A Breakfast Shirts Profile Pic.

luke smith breakfast shirts tinder.PNG

Meet Luke Smith. Luke was having a very poor batting average when it came to his tinder game and getting matches. Over the course of 6 months and after swiping YES to 14,085 ladies from Sydney, he only came back with 3 matches: Anishaa, Samaira and Bhavya. 

After changing his profile picture to him wearing a Breakfast Shirts Combo, his tinder game increased tenfold. One girl even messaged him first.

You see when a woman sees a man rock a Breakfast Shirt , Certain qualities are projected within the man. These include: 

  • Banter

  • Charm

  • Risk Taker

  • Strength 

  • Happiness 

  • Love

  • Equality 

  • Sex

  • Mojo

  • Breakfast

  • Puppies

  • SEO

If you would like to Tee up a date with Luke Smith (or know someone who would) please email Sam at


Our mate Dr. Fielding turns out to be the most difficult Breakfast Shirts customer to date.

Dr James fielding Breakfast Shirts Audeara

Dr. Fieldling Thinking about what size he needs to order 

Dr. Fielding was the 15th person to order a Breakfast Combo 2 weeks back. Making the top 20 would be on the bucket list for most Breakfast connoisseurs and normally the fairy tale Breakfast Shirts purchase would finish there. Not for Dr. Fielding.

Recently it came to our attention that James at Audeara may be in need of a gym membership, plus a protein shake or two. A true genius in the medical, tech and Entrepreneurial fields however not so great when it comes to picking the right size for his Breakfast Shirt.  

We aren't going to lie, we fucked up first, and by 'we' I mean Sam. James was meant to receive a M Breakfast Combo but instead received the medium shorts with and XL shirt. To make matters more difficult, Dr. Fielding's shipping address was either entered incorrectly (by the dr.) or he lives in f@!king Narnia - as it took our delivery guy 4 extra says to locate the Docs Habitat.

Once the appropriate size was sent to Dr. Fielding, he then decided the pants were 'not the right fit'. So we sent him a smaller size. A week later he changed is mind about the Medium shirt too, and we have now shipped a small shirt to the Doctor.

For f#*ks sake.

The Audeara team are doing great things in the Headphone + Medical Industry and are definitely worth checking out. Breakfast Shirts would like to thank the team at Audeara for the support, we love your work.

Check out their website here:

Audeara Website

Greg Stanford Beats Ryan O'Keefe to 9th Place

Greg Stanford Breakfast Shirts .png

In what has been the biggest upset in Breakfast Shirts History and more specifically in the world of Ryan O'Keefe, Greg Stanford has come through with a world first. Beating Ryan at something. 

According to O'Keefe, he has never lost anything in his life, not even once. Sports, Board Games, Trivia - you name it. Not once.

He was quite Distraught when he found out that Greg had snapped up 9th place on the Breakfast Shirts Leaderboard placing Ryan at a measly #10.

Our Delivery Man mentioned that when he delivered both Ryan and Gregs Parcels to Ryan, Ryan was contemplating manipulating the cards and putting his name ahead of Standfords.

Greg on the Matter:

'I have no doubt he would'

'Stoked to be ahead of Ryan' 

Breakfast Shirts would like to congratulate both parties on making history and being in the top 10 people to own a Breakfast Shirt. Thanks Boys!


Joe Fenton Makes History

1 Joe Fenton Breakfast Shirts.jpg

Ladies and Gentleman. Joe Fenton. 

Joe was the first person to buy a Breakfast Shirt (it was a COMBO too). He continued to wear the breakfast attire to work and later that week picked up an award for 'Best Dressed'. Thanks Joe for all your support - we won't forget it.

A Little about Joe.

Fenton is a long time friend of both Co- Founders Mark Crotti and Samuel Tynan-Davey. He has a brilliant mind, a fantastic rig and he has a bee hive and subsequently produces organic honey.

Adrian Osman Expresses Dissatissfaction with Breakfast Shirts Logo.

Adrian Osman and Mark Crotti Breakfast Shirts Pitch Blak.jpg

On what was meant to be a pleasant first ever Breakfast Shirts photo shoot, Adrian Osman (the guy with hair) couldn't get past and was utterly disgusted with Breakfast Shirts new born Logo. Shots (and sass) were fired at Co-Founder Mark Crotti during what was meant to be a happy Hong Kong photo shoot. The logo was not millennial enough for Adrians liking and furthermore he offered little constructive feedback on the aesthetics of the logo. 

Photographers IG - Shawnkei

Adrians Company -